CUSTOMISABLE BioThane clip Lead

CUSTOMISABLE BioThane clip Lead

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Made from 100% genuine Beta BioThane these leads make a fantastic vegan alternative to leather! 

These are 1.2m in length, and come with a fixed position solid D ring ring at the handle.

You can select to have it all one BioThane colour or have the handle and clip end in a different accent colour. 

These leads come in a 20mm width of BioThane as standard, so are suitable for all dog sizes. 

*****PLEASE ALLOW up to 4 - 6 full working weeks for your order to be handmade and then dispatched.*****

As our products are all handmade to order please allow for a 1/2 inch size difference either way in length. Although biothane is a very strong material, it's your responsibility to ensure that your dog does not pull excessively on the collar/ lead, and therefore we cannot be held accountable for damage caused to the collar or dog caused from pulling. If your dog pulls excessively on the collar it can cause excessive pressure on their windpipe (trachea) and cause them discomfort & problems, so we would strongly advise against using a collar to walk a dog that pulls on the lead.